Branded Wraps

Branded Vehicle Wraps

The main difference between the vehicle wraps that the Intelligent Design Studio offers and the majority of wrapped vehicle that you see everyday is we are the only design studio that produces Branded Vehicle Wraps. A Branded Vehicle Wrap expresses the authentic identity of a brand. Creating and developing original brand identities is the business of the Intelligent Design Studio, expressing these identities on vehicle wraps in amazing 3D imagery is our only product. We are not a sign shop that occasionally wraps a vehicle. We do not use common clip art, free fonts or illustrations that are download from the web. We do not use images or photographs "found" on the web. We purchase copyrighted fonts and create our own fonts. We are a professional photo studio. The majority of our images are original 3D models and animations that we custom create for each customer. Because our images are original, they can be copyrighted and are legally defensible. Photos, illustrations and content stolen from the web cannot be copyrighted and have no equitable value.
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