Big Charlies

Big Charlies Produce

Here is where we started with Big Charlies brand development. Like many businesses, Big Charlies had no brand identity, graphics or logos in place. Our first few trucks provided simple solutions for the images with colorful, digital shots of their fruits and vegetables. 
We took Big Charlies identity to the next level by creating an original 3D character of the big guy himself. Along with the barn, the orchard and the field we modeled baskets of fruits and vegetables. Charlie just adopted a puppy so we modeled her next to an expressive tractor to complete the scene.
Next we modeled a 1956 Ford farm truck to help Big Charlie out with the cabbages. On the back of another truck we modeled the International that has the vegetable wrap on the sides.
We continued the farm theme by showcasing different fruits and vegetabls and even completely wrappped the cabs of the trucks.
We wanted to create a traditional, country feel for the original logo so we used bright, harvest colors against an earth colored basket weave to complete this simple design. For the banana wrap, we recreated the logo out of bamboo and tied it all together with a basket weave background.
The first straw hat we made for Big Charlie was OK, but we decided to weave a more traditional hat strand by strand in our 3D modeling software.
We transformed Big Charlies Sprinter vans into a slice of watermellon, an ear of corn and a single strawberry.
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